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Creative Solutions is pioneering new concepts in digital photography and digital imaging.  Creative Solutions is a leader in the new technology.  We are changing the way our clients view the philosophies of photography and the reproduction and output of the images.  Anyone can have a picture printed.  It usually is kept in some type of storage device.  We provide the new digital storage that can be viewed on television or computers, and retains its original quality for the next 75 years.  We do this with less cost to our clients by using the new digital formats.

We pride ourselves in going to the next level in photography.  We provide high resolution digital images to our clients in either CD or DVD format.  Our clients can then reproduce the images on photo paper, or share the files with family and friends in a number of different ways.  These images will be preserved for many, many years in the digital format.   We provide ALL the images to our clients - we do  not retain any images that require our clients to return to us to have "more" pictures printed at some future date.

We are members of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Our clients feel that we truly capture the emotions of the moment in time that the images reproduce. 

Our senior photographer, Larry AuBuchon, has done photography most of his adult life.  With the advent of digital photography, he returned to school and studied graphic arts to become more proficient with the new computer software associated with digital imaging.  This gave him the ability to correct and reproduce his pictures without the aid of a darkroom.  Larry feels that anything that can be captured with film, can be done better and faster with the digital concepts.  His favorite digital camera is a Nikon SLR.






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